Monday, February 18, 2008

Wild Things

I just watched my screener of Sean Penn's Into the Wild last night. I say "screener" because I'm in the "biz" and it helps makes me feel special and important.

Also, given my TODAY-show-induced health food kick, I was intrested in the "Into The Wild" Diet that must surely be sweeping the nation - you know, squirrel, moose, starvation, poisonous berries. Nothing'll emaciate you quicker than a good bowl of poisonous berries.

I thought it was a fascinating story and very engaging as far as "epic movies" go. I thought that McCandless (played by the, if nothing else, appropriately cast Emile Hirsch) was presented with a very neutral point-of-view. It's tempting, I think, to portray characters who, following their hearts, shun society and run away to live off the land as heroic or exemplary of the lives we all wish we could lead, if only we had the time and the naivetee. But Penn doesn't take that approach. McCandless sticks to his principles for better or for worse, even while the entire rest of the cast tries to persuade him otherwise. And sometimes you disagree with them, and sometimes you don't.

Do I want to live in an abandoned bus in the middle of Fairbanks Alaska? Sometimes, yes. But then I get a text message about a really funny website online and it makes me giddy. Happiness Only Real When Shared (By millions of Random Anonymous People.)

Here's the rub.
The film is getting a lot of attention because of the songs written by Peral Jam-er Eddie Vedder, who also co-wrote the score, both of which recieved Golden Globe nods, the former winning.
These songs are great. Very pleasant. Probably lyrically appropriate (if I had the time to listen to the lyrics, which usually are not the focus during a film.) But special? Golden-Globe-worthy?
I wouldn't care so much if also in the Best Score Category was fellow rock-musician turned movie-composer, the Radiohead-ed Jonny Greenwood, who's score to There Will Be Blood is appropriately Blood-curdling.

Apparently Mr. Oscar has snubbed them both.
Ah, well. Michael Clayton, you're next.
6 days and counting.

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