Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Fruits of Boredom

Clearly I'm bored.
I have just "Revamped" the look of this blog.
To be honest, I'm not sure it was ever "vamped" in the first place.

But instead of preparing for what it is I'm really supposed to be doing today, I've decided to procrastinate and change my blog.
The other version was too dark, don't you think?
This one might be too bright.
Oh, Goldilocks where are you when I need you??

Having blogged about not being good about taking pictures, I've attempted to make a change about that and take more pictures in my life. (Wow...something good HAS come of this blog!)

So here are some "backstage" "behind the scenes" "in the dressing room" shots from the show.


(not really, I just thought it'd be cool to write that.)

(l-r) Tom Shelton, Brendan "What Show Are We Doing Tonight?" Ford

BT's "I'm Ready for Atonement 2!" Look

DeeDee Rescher shows me some loving.

The Cast on Opening Night, post-Hello Dolly descent down Spiral Staircase
(l-r) Kirsten Potter, Brendan Ford, Tom Shelton, DeeDee Rescher, BT, Traci Crouch


Kim said...

I agree that it might be too bright. Also, you might want to adjust the title color or brightness...it kind of blends into the background. But I do love the picture!

BT said...

Yes! That background has given me grief since day one. If only I could change the placement of the title...any tips on that?