Saturday, February 2, 2008

It's a Helluva Web!

I'm very interested in this new webisode phenomenon. It's a point of contention with the current writer's strike, and well it should be. I've auditioned for a few of these types of shows with no guarantee of pay or anything since there's no current SAG agreement; and yet webisodes are clearly the wave of the future.

On shows like The Office, Arrested Development , or Slings and Arrows, etc. we see professionals imitating amateurs. I always prefer this to actual amateur work. Its funny watching professionals pretend to be amateurs; its generally disappointing watching the reverse.

Production quality means a lot in my book. Shows like Quarterlife or Clark and Michael score high in this department. But cleverness also bodes well, such as on Funny or Die.

A new webisode that premiered this past thursday features a lot of promise in all these categories.

The Battery's Down (as in..."the bronx is up and...")is a humorous look at a young (gay?) actor in New York making his way through career and life. However self-promoting it may be, it has a lot of charm and also shows off some great new talent in musical theatre songwriting (Theme by Pasek and Paul; first episode song "This Is Your Life" by my collaborator Ryan Scott Oliver and Kirsten Guenther.)

Lots of points for creativity. Love the bit about the clown. Random, yet committed.

Its not a perfect show, but, as I said, promising.

Now if only I can get in touch with the producers...

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