Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Last Two

I'm a little confused about the attention the movie JUNO is getting. I saw it. It was entertaining. Falls nicely in that "off-beat comedy" section of the video store in my mind.

Did it bother anyone else that all the characters talk the same? With some quirky zinger at the end of their lines. Ms. Diablo Cody, I feel like we've already met. Fo shizz.

Here's what bugs.
I'm reading this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly, which features a very not 16-year-old Ellen Page (admittedly adorable in the film, but again...very NOT 16.) on the cover. I'm excited about the article. I wanted to like this film a lot. And I want it to do well. Despite my thoughts about the amateur-ish writing style. Really, I do! Pinky swear!

And then this.
Helmer Jason Reitman has the gall to "note wryly that he had to travel all the way to Canada (where both Page and [Michael] Cera were born) to find the last unspoiled young actors left on earth."


All of the Planet Earth.

For all purposes, the known universe. Page and Cera. The last two.

So, yeah. Broad-sweeping statements aside, that's a dumbass thing to say Mr. Reitman. And I wish very much that you and I could meet. Perhaps we could get together with some of my friends as well. I'd hate to have you think Ellen and Michael were some kind of dying breed.

Now that I have that off my chest, let me just say that someone should give Michael Cera an oscar. Thank you.

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