Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Fat Tuesday

I'm always interested when certain seemingly-polarized dates coincide. Like a couple years ago when Christmas landed on the first day of Channukah (or was it the last day?).

Today is both Super Tuesday and Mardi Gras - primary elections and excessive indulgence; democracy and capitalism.

I voted today, and I am proud to say it. Politics are funny. People are often so shy about discussing it because we get touchy about our decisions. People evangelize for their candidates the same way others do for their religions. I suppose we all want to be right in case doomsday hits and we're stuck with this guy (or gal) for a while. So much for seperation of church and state.

I heard something on NPR today that worried me. A feature on the low sales of political books attributed past inflation of sales to George Bush saying whether you were for or against the man, it was worth reading about politics. Now that he's on his way out, the reporter called him essentially "an irrelevance."

I've thought about this before. Something that I would not like to see happen is that when Bush leaves office, he goes the way of other ex-Presidents - they slip away, become loveable old peacemakers, and are basically forgiven all their sins.

This doesn't seem entirely fair, though. Bush and his administration have really screwed things up for this country. Someone needs to hold him accountable. Why should we suddenly be okay with him once he's no longer ruining the place? I'm not sure forget and forgive is the best policy here. He should be punished.

Do we still banish people? That seems a fitting fate. Yes. Banishment.


Kim said...

Do you think that he could be arrested when this is all over?

BT said...

I think that if the right information was allowed to come out he could definitely be arrested. Should. Should.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

I think that GW should be forced to give up the Presidency for Lent!