Thursday, February 7, 2008

Picture This!

I'm a terrible picture taker.

Not to say that I take bad pictures. I just always forget to take them period.

So other than what others have given me, I have very few records of friends, significant others, pets, family, etc. I've never even bought a digital camera. I'm using one given to me by my roommate cuz it was "out of date."

I went to Europe and took about twenty pictures of buildings. And then my camera battery died after three days in Paris.

So five days later, when I moved on to London, I finally bought a disposal camera (so happy to find they still exist...I wasn't sure if they did.) and proceeded to take like ten more pictures. Of buildings.

So I'm happy that someone decided to document a cast bonding night of Red Herring.

And for posterity's sake, I'm posting some here.


"Food!" (l-r) Traci Crouch, Becky Something-or-Other, Tom Shelton, Kirsten Potter, Vernon Willet, BT

Traci, Kirsten, BT, Brendan Ford, Becky, Vernon

"Brendan Rocks Out"

"BT poses so as to suggest that he, too, is rocking out"

"Girls!" Traci, DeeDee Rescher, Kirsten, unseen bottle of booze being reached for by Kirsten.


Kim said...

When I was in elementary school, I ran (unsuccessfully, I was not what you would call popular) for 5th grade class Historian. My campaign sloagan? "Picture This!"

I always knew we were meant to be, Brett.

Marc Acito said...

I'm the same way. I'm too busy living my life to remember to document it. I've tried leaving the camera in the car and that's just what I do. Go to an event/party and leave the camera in the car.