Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kidding Around

It's hard being a kid.
I was a very young actor in Milwaukee.
Growing up, I worked with a lot of adult actors who would remain based in Milwaukee.
Always having set my sights on bigger things, I relocated to LA when I was 18.
Subsequently, Milwaukee has not allowed me to grow up past 18.
That is to say that many of the adults that I worked with when I was young still see me as being young. (I'm 23, I know, but I live and work on my own. If I wasn't a professional as a child, I certainly am now.)
And so it frustrates me to go back to Milwaukee and seek approval (cuz we all do) from the people that I, often, aspired to be like, and have them treat me like just some kid.
I want (I have ALWAYS wanted) to be their equal, their colleague, but they can't stop being my teachers, my elders, my superiors.
Eventually, it's time to stop going back.
I'm not getting anywhere.

Frankly, neither are they.

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