Saturday, January 26, 2008

God Loves Antarctica

A facebook friend of mine just invited me to join a group protesting the hatemongering site Now, I'm not a huge fan of the world-wide social network facebook has come, and I don't like joining numerous groups, but that doesn't speak to my solidarity with this cause.

If you enjoy dark humour, I encourage you to visit the site (though, I fear supporting their agenda with hits to their website...). One of the funniest things, which is apparently new since I don't recall knowing this in any recent times, is that God Hates America. In fact, not only does he hate America, he also hates sweden, ireland, mexico, and canada. Each site begins with a plea for God's intended to leave these countries immediately (which makes one wonder what the Westboro Christian Church is still doing in Kansas...hmmm...).

Anyway, I wonder where exactly God's chosen are supposed to go. France, perhaps? No, not there, surely. Not with their reluctance to support our war against "the infidels." England? I guess not, what with the Anglican Church being the state religion and the legalization of gay marriages. Iraq and Afghanistan seem most sympathetic with their crusade-like actions, but...well, I guess one doesn't need to point out why they wouldn't exactly fit in there.

I hear Antarctica is lovely in the fall...

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