Saturday, January 26, 2008

Charlie Wilson's Musical

In my effort to see as many Oscar nominated films as possible (sadly my annual Oscar party will not happen this year -- mostly because I'm out of town, but also as an act of solidarity with the writer's strike) I went and saw Charlie Wilson's War last night. The incomparable Phillip Seymour Hoffman is nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

The film is perhaps a bit timely. That is to say, the story is very interesting in the current climate and situation we live in, but is not neccessarily an intresting story intrinsically.

But what fascinated me (and what usually fascinates me, as a playwright, about any film) is how theatrical it is in the writing - musical even. If only a war could successfully be translated into a musical (I happen to think it can't least not without losing some of the impact of what war is) I think this film could be a musical. The dialogue is poppy, there's a lot of hot, bubbly, chorus girls (lead by the very musically talented Amy Adams), and a few scenes could easily be put on a stage just as they are in the film.

Shrek the Musical better look out.

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Brett said...

Oh B.T I actually think this could be made in to a musical...ha-ha if the little mermaid can be done with roller skating tennis shoes why can you not have a big video screen of the war going on during the numbers that speak of war (this is a total joke)

But I really enjoyed this movie it is a must see