Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hottie Scotty

Okay, yes, I'm waaaay behind on the boat on this one, but I just saw The Last King of Scotland last night. I know, I know, how five minutes ago.
But it has raised a few questions in my mind.
The first one being how did Forest Whitaker win the Oscar for Actor in a leading role? I realize that his is the eponymous character, but the story is not his story, and the struggle is not his struggle. In fact, he plays one note through out the entire film (granted that note is a bi-polar maniac); there just isn't any dynamism here.
Reviewing the other nominees from last year, I'm not sure who I would have picked in his place, though Ryan Gosling and Peter O'Toole raised more than just a few eyebrows.
The second question is why haven't I noticed this Hottie Scotty James McAvoy before?? (Again, I realize I must be waaaay behind the boat.) In reality, I have seen him before. I saw Bright Young Things and The Chronicles of Narnia, but the former I slept through and as for the latter...well, I don't know how much one can be attracted to a centaur before it begins to border on the creepy.
In any event, he was the star of the film, and while, perhaps not an Oscar-winning performance, it was certainly an Oscar-worthy performance. After this, I'm very much excited to see Atonement, even despite Ms. Knightley's chin-acting.

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BAN said...

I am sure that Ms. Knightley's chin-acting will be great...
just need to see the movie to see if I am wrong..

wanna prove it?