Monday, March 30, 2009

Obama and The Economy: Clash of the Titans

South Parks sums up what the Economy (and God) really is, after we've ruined it by buying crap like Margaritaville mixers on payment plans.

And then there's this. Turning down a traditional $100,000 in federal funds allotted to the new first family to use in redecorating their already lavishly decorated new White House, the Obamas have decided to use their own money to do the redecorating. So, instead of taking money away from us, they've decided within their own means. Talk about walking the walk.

In a surprising turn of bi-partisanship, President Obama has also decided to maintain one of the former administrations foremost additions to the White House...the oval office rug. Former-President Bush replaced the blue rug from the Clinton Whitehouse with a $60,000 cream rug designed by former-first lady Laura Bush. I can imagine why getting rid of the rug in the oval office after Clinton's term would be such a necessity....ugly stains and all.

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Kim said...

Seriously. He is just so...good. Happy sigh :)