Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fresh as a Daisey

I'm not usually keen on plays or musicals about the theatre. But this is different.

Mike Daisey is a monologue-ist and story teller from northern Maine. You may have seen him on youtube, being protested during one of his shows at American Repertory Theatre.

Center Theatre Group is currently housing Daisey for only a few days at the Kirk Douglas Theatre as part of their new "Douglas Plus" programming. His show: How Theatre Failed America. A ferocious piece with a self-proclaimed terrible title.

Mostly hilarious, and at times incredibly dark, personal, and poignant, the piece is a must-see for anyone who works in theatre, just enjoys theatre, or in rare instances...both.

But here's the catch - you only have two more nights.

And while you're at it, come back to the douglas plus and see a little hip-hop musical I'll be doing called Venice.

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Tim said...

Are you aware Cupid is back on the air on ABC starting next Tuesday? I assume royalty checks with your name on it will follow shortly???