Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I'm very excited about this...

I have to be honest, this makes me feel a little like a superstar.

I haven't yet blogged about this, but I'm currently filming a webseries called The Resistance, a spin-off of the acclaimed series Lonelygirl15.

And they asked us to participate in the Get Out the Vote campaign and encourage our viewers to register to vote. The deadline in California is October 20th. So check out the video (and the show) and do, please, VOTE!


Miriam said...

By asking you to take part in the campaign shows, they believe in your influence on people and count on your conscientiousness,dont' they? (Besides,yes, they know LG15 is quite famous in Amerika. ;) ) I think, this is a great compliment.

By the way, your character is Canadian? I think, I missed something... hmm..

BT said...

no, no.
My character on Resistance is not Canadian. I'm currently in rehearsals for a play wherein I play a Canadian character.

Miriam said...

Uff, okay.. At least, I won't die in blithe ignorance. Thank you. ;)

Good luck!