Sunday, July 27, 2008

Leavin' it to the Pros

To continue the lament of Broadway put forth by my friend Tony, I offer this:

Joining the ranks of broadway superstars such as Max Crumm, Laura Osnes of Grease (were they the ones that you wanted?), Bailey Hanks of Legally Blonde, and who could forget Clay Aiken of Spamalot (me, for one) is that old stage veteran Katie Holmes.

Katie will be playing Ann Deever in the revival of Arthur Miller's 1947 Tony-Award winning drama All My Sons, alongside John Lithgow (practically a newbie next to Holmes). Look out, John!

The expertise she garnered in her last theatre role (playing Lola in her All-Girls Catholic High School production of Dang Yankees) will doubtless sparkle among the ranks of Mario Lopez of A Chorus Line and Fantasia Barrino of The Color Purple. It is rumored that her performance as Lola is where she earned the nickname Katie "Barrymore" Holmes. Named, of course, after Drew.

Lois Wheeler originally played Ann in the 1947 production with only a mere 3 broadway shows under her belt. Pssh. Get on it, Lois!

Well, Katie, we wish you the best. I'm sure Tom'll be able to take care of Suri on his own for a few what...months? weeks? days? (who's up for betting?)

I just hope it goes better for you than it did for that other stage veteran Claire Danes of the hit revival of Pygmalion.

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Kim said...

I really hope she turns out to be amazing, because I don't want her to ruin All My Sons. Sadly, I don't have that much faith in her acting.

Nice writing though, BT.