Saturday, July 26, 2008

Back from the Dead

Whoa!! What happened? Where am I? er...where was I?

No, I did not die. Instead, I turned 24.

Let me tell you something, which will annoy the heck out of people who are older than me...
23 was rough.
Not the year I spent being 23. That was fine. Lots of great things. In fact, 24 is already off to bad a start compared to 23.
For some reason, I could NOT remember the number 23. People would ask how old I was and I would go blank. And not on purpose! I wondered if it was because it was an odd number and somehow odd numbers are harder to remember than even ones...I'm sure I made that up.

But anyway, now that I'm 24, I can easily recall many things.
Like, for example, the fact that I once had a blog called The Actor/Composer's Notebook.

And so, memory refreshed, I've decided to get back into some swing of things. Especially since there's soo much to write about. And also, I've decided to make 24 a year for my writing. Hopefully the 'actor' part of me won't go belly up as I focus my concentration slightly elsewhere.

We'll see. Hope you (whomever you are..) will stick around for the ride.


Kim said...

I'm sorry that 24 is "off to bad a start" already -- maybe you should get some sleep, old man. And then come visit me. We can sit around in rockers and reminisce about the good old days while we wag our fingers at those darn kids with their new fangled technologies.

Anonymous said...

when i woke up on my 24th birthday this year... i cried. i couldn't believe that this is it so far. we should start a salon for discussing making this a better year.

Christian said...

I think you're swell at 23 and 24.