Friday, April 17, 2009

Civil Rights: Cut or Uncut?

The conservative movement in this country is in a dire way.

They've been left behind by pretty much every other cultural movement, in particular the oh, so relevant pop-culture, complete with all its double-entendre.

First there was tea-bagging. And now this from Talking Points Memo:

"In an unintentional but hilarious nod to gay sex chatters everywhere, the National Organization for Marriage has dubbed their campaign "2 Million for Marriage". Or 2M4M."

Who's working for these people? The same team that vetted Sarah Palin? Is no research being done beforehand?

If you happen to support the further elimination of equal civil rights for all tax-paying, conscientious minded citizens of the land of the free, don't bother checking Apparently it's already been claimed by those damn liberals.

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