Saturday, February 14, 2009

Quote of the Day

A valentine message from Rep. Zach Wamp to Democrats:

"Just because republicans spent too much money after September 11 and lost our way on financial matters doesn't mean the Democratic party should be allowed to wreck our ship of state."

Ship of state? Which ship would that be? Perhaps the bipartisan-ship?

Get on board, Wamp. You had your chance to fuck up. Don't bitch about the fact that America gave the power to the other team this time around. What's wrong? Afraid they might do better?


Tim said...


How is it unreasonable to question the biggest spending bill in the HISTORY of America? This is a HUGE deal....we are literally jamming a bill through Congress and the Senate that not only us, but our kids will be paying for. It deserves more than the 24 hours that leadership gave it before forcing a vote. Just my thoughts.

BT said...

I don't remember saying it was unreasonable to question this bill. By all means - question away!!

But there's a tacit implication you're making that there are shady politics at work here, and I have to disagree with that.

I hear your point about the enormity of this action, but from what I understand most analysts from both sides of the political spectrum agree that this combination of spending/tax cuts/program creation, etc. will create jobs - jobs that we are losing at breakneck speed.

It it also agreed upon that this bill will not be perfect, that it will probably not do all the things we wish it will. No bill would.

So, you, from a position of complete job/financial/future security would prefer to waste more time deliberating in order to find a "perfect" bill (when that just will never be found!) when thousands of Americans continue to lose their livelihood each day.

And as for forcing a vote, look, I don't disagree that it happened fast, but come on. Forcing a vote? The republicans all voted no (except 3 felt they had enough time?). The point I'm making is they don't have to take any responsibility. If this thing blows up in our faces (god willing, it won't) then I know who's going to be first in line with a big "I told you so."