Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Nation, Under Canada

Re: Sarah Palin's apparent ignorance about the nations involved in NAFTA (that would be the ::ahem:: North American Free Trade Agreement.)

This link came off Andrew Sullivan's blog.

It seems The Weekly Standard defends Palin's obvious knowledge that Canada is apart of North America.

I don't doubt she does know that.

My guess is it's the part about Mexico also being part of North America that most likely escaped her.

As well as The Weekly Standard


Tim said...

I'm tired of talking about Palin......she is irrelevant now until she runs in 2012.

Let's talk about what matters. I'm writing down my federal tax % today and i'm going to compare to the % in 4 years....can't wait for that tax cut I was promised.

Also, looking forward to seeing how we're going to afford this massive free healthcare plan once people start opting out of the expensive ones they have to pay for through their companies.

On a completely unrelated note, how pumped are you for the new Bond????

BT said...

I would agree that Palin is irrelevant except for the fact that John McCain, with the support of the republican party, promoted her as the best choice to be (all together, now) "a heart beat away from the presidency."

Someone - no, multiple people - thought this was a good idea. Multiple people who want to control the country 4-8 years from now. Until someone can say, "okay, yeah bad call" it's still relevant.

Re: Bond. I just read a terrible write up in Variety. Well, more of an editorial than a review. I love Bond almost as much as you do, and Daniel Craig is a personal fave. But apparently they've gone a bit "Bourne Identity" on him. I liked Bourne Identity, but I hate copycats.

BT said...

Oh, and while you're at it - write down the unemployment rate, American GDP, and our deficit. Might want to check those eight years from now as well.