Sunday, March 9, 2008

Haiku 1

After calling friends
who never answer their phones,
I drive home lonely.


Kim said...

I almost ALWAYS answer my phone. You should have called me! I would have regaled you with my Tales of Kim Shopping, including such timeless classics as "Learning That I am Not As Tall As I Thought I Was," "In Between Sizes?" and "Will This Still Look Good When I Take It Home?" The latter can also be applied to meeting people at bars, I'm told, but in my case, it has everything to do with the obligatory post-shopping fashion show of sorts I do to make sure I still like the clothes I just agonized over for an hour in the dressing room.

See? I'm a good pass-the-time-while-driving conversationalist. :-)

BT said...

You're on! In fact, I can share a "Learning That I Am Not As Tall As I Thought I Was" moment myself. This was when, during a physical, the nurse asked me how tall I thought I was, to which I replied "5 foot 8."

She laughed and said, "Well...I'll give you 5'7""


Kim said...

Yeah, I was wondering why all the pants I was trying on were just a little (erm, several inches) too long. The super-nice fitting room lady said cheerfully, "Well, you know, you're shorter, so you may have to hem them."

At least the petite-sized pants were about 1" too short...